Investment Highlights

Best Location:  The unbeatable premium location in Atlanta downtown, close to Mercedes-Benz Stadium and other tourists’ attractions. Huge potential for value increase in real estate.

Financial Support from the Government and Corporations: $4,200,000 has been granted by Atlanta City Government to the project. Key money has been promised by Hard Rock hotel group, a world-famous brand.

Stable:  The perfect combination of real estate, tourism, catering, education, culture and sports industries, and will not be affected by the economic fluctuation.

Safe: Bolton Atlanta project will refund investor’s funds or conduct assets distribution (there is no restraints in self-occupation, renting or transferring. The real estate is in downtown Atlanta.  Huge potential of value increase.)
Multi-Ways to Maximize Investment Profits: The investment immigration project will produce comprehensive profit returns from hotel dwelling/dining, apartment rents, commercial retail storefront rents, parking fee, etc. Investors will share the dividends in proportion.

​​100% Ownership: Investors own 100% property rights of the land and property (apartment buildings, hotel, parking deck and retail storefronts)

Dependable: The immigration law requires the investment funds to be “at risk.” However, this project could minimize the investment risk and be the most stable investment immigration project that you could count on it.

Guarantee of “Green Card”:  Well-designed by experienced investment immigration lawyers with high reputation and development and operation teams with years of successful experiences.  This project accurately meets all the requirements of the immigration law.

EB-5 Information

●     Total Project Investment:   Approximately 89 million dollars.

●      EB-5 investment: $500,000 (family as one unit, including the principal investor and family members: Spouse + unmarried children under 21 years old).

●      Investment Cap: The project is located within the $500,000 investment area required by the immigration law.  Each investor invests only $500,000 into the project. 

●      Project Syndication Fee:  $50,000 (including one principal investors and family members).

●      Project Site: 2.4 acres of land located in the heart of Downtown Atlanta. The land was purchased by the General Partner, which is owned by the General Partner and all EB-5 investors jointly.

●      Project Components: This investment project consists four parts: A Hard Rock brand hotel, three apartment buildings (129 units), commercial retail stores and a commercial parking deck next to the Mercedes-Benzes Stadium.

●      Hotel: The Hard Rock Brand Hotel is a high-end hotel tailored for attendees to the Georgia World Congress Center, new Mercedes-Benz Stadium and Atlanta CBD. The hotel is operated and managed by Hard Rock Hotel Group.

●      Commercial and Residential Building: The apartment buildings in this project are designed and constructed according to the mid-to-high end commercial apartment standard, aiming at creating a modern high-tech living complex in a landmark style. It provides a comfortable and convenient living environment for its residents. This apartment is also good for EB-5 investors to rent, sell or future self-occupation.

●      Retail Storefronts: All ground floors of the three building apartments are business retail storefronts and will be selectively rented to promising and successful retailers.

●      Parking Deck: The parking deck surrounded by the hotel and commercial/ residential buildings will provide long-term parking spaces to apartment residents and employees from adjacent federal government. It also offers parking to game goers/music lovers/visitors to Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Georgia World Congress Center, CNN, Phillip Arena, and neighborhood hotels, including Hard Rock Hotel in this project.

●      Construction Periods: Two years. The I-526 immigration petitions can be filed without starting the construction process, i.e. EB-5 investors can file the EB-5 petition after completing the Source of Funds reports.

●      Project Special:  This project is specially designed for the EB-5 investment immigration petitions so that as many as 100 EB-5 foreign investors and their family members can obtain the U.S. permanent residence while the investors can receive decent return of profits once the project is operational.

●      Investment Quota:  No more than 100 EB-5 investors.  First come, first served.

●      Investment Return: Multiple income sources including profits from the hotel, apartment and commercial storefronts leasing, parking fees and billboard advertising fees. All investors will share the dividends in proportion.